What age are your rowers and what level of experience is required?

  • BBRC is a youth program. Our rowers are in 8-12th grade. 
  • No previous experience is needed.
  • We welcome new rowers. Please contact us at any point in the season if interested.

When is rowing season?

  • We offer rowing year round, divided into summer, fall, winter, and spring seasons. Some rowers row year round, others may only row during certain seasons depending on other sports or activities. 
  • Fall season is when head races are held. These are generally 4-5k courses, with crews racing with a staggered start.
  • Spring season is when sprint races are held. These are generally 1.5-2k courses. Crews line up and race directly against each other, starting at the same time. 
  • Winter and summer season are spent training and conditioning out on the water, as much as the weather permits. When it is too windy to row, practice is held indoors, focusing on weight training and using the rowing machines (ergs).

When and where are practices held?

  • During fall and spring, we practice Monday – Friday 3:15-5:30, and Saturday mornings 8:30-11:00.
  • During winter season, we hold indoor workout sessions Monday, Wednesday, and Friday 3:20-5:30, and on water session on Saturdays.
  • During summer season, we hold morning practices Monday – Saturday, 8:30-11am.
  • We row out of Camp Burton in Quartermaster Harbor.

Are rowers expected to row every day?

  • Each athlete makes their own decisions about how often they come, knowing that we expect everyone to prioritize family and school before rowing. 
  • Almost all of our athletes row at least four days a week, knowing that the more often they row, the faster they are going to get. If that feels like too big of a commitment, please contact us to discuss a plan that works for your rower and family. 

How do rowers get to practice from school?

  • Carpools are available from Vashon High School and to the ferry for commuters. Let us know if your rower needs a ride and we will help you find one.

What style of rowing do you focus on?

  • We focus on small boat sculling (2 oars per person, in singles, doubles, and quads).  

What do rowers wear to practice?